Activate the power of your collective with a professional facilitator

Facilitation is the art of getting people to think together.

What is facilitation?

The role of the facilitator is to create an environment where others can shine.

Facilitation is a guided collaboration process that helps align stakeholders around common goals, develop action plans, and solve problems together.

As Roger Schwarz says: “facilitation is a process that allows a group to find its own solution by drawing on the collective wisdom.”

So my role as a facilitator is to “simplify the complex by creating a process for people to work together more effectively.” (Michael Wilkinson)

I would like to be accompanied by a professional facilitator

Examples of using facilitation

Collective intelligence

In stimulating the teams generate creative ideas and overcome the obstacles that hinder their success.


#Brainstorming #ProblemSolving #StrategicPlanning

Team cohesion

In reinforcing collaboration, mutual trust and communication for more efficiency.


#Seminar #eamBuilding


By helping participants to assimilate by doing and learning together to improve their performance.


#LearningByDoing #ExperientialLearning #SeriousGames

Collaborative writing

A human experience combining collective intelligence, team cohesion and skills development.

All with a available at the key in a record time !

Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.

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