About me

Olivier MY

Engineer of training and passionate about people, I quickly turned to the world of Agile Coaching and Professional Coaching.

I accompany individuals, teams and organizations towards value creation adapted to the constraints and challenges of today's world.

My belief is that well-being and performance are intimately linked. My approach is therefore intended to be progressive and human centered in order to mobilize energies towards greater accountability and commitment. This is what I call “Developing the intelligence of action”: this ability to observe, interpret and act in an informed way.

I therefore pay particular attention to simplicity and the co-construction of meaning as levers of consistency between vision, objectives and actions.

My inspirations of the moment revolve around the systemic, social constructionism and responsibility, without forgetting areas such as coaching, there facilitating and the mental preparation.

Speaker and Blogger, I have at heart contribute to the professionalization of the profession in particular through detailed feedback and inspirations highlighting the importance of a posture opened, curious and respectful.

My Trainings

INSEAD Coaching Certificate
June 2023 (ongoing)
Fearless Organization Practitioner
December 2022
Practitioner in Team Coaching
December 2022
Diploma in Systemic Leadership and Consulting Practice
October 2022
Kanban Coaching Practices
August 2022
Kanban Maturity Model
July 2022
Implement the mental preparation of athletes
June 2022
Mental 2 Pro - Mental trainer
April 2022
Team Coaching Foundations
January 2022
Professional Scrum Product Owner I
December 2021
Professional Scrum Master II
July 2021
Leading and Coaching
May 2020
Enneagram: Master Practitioner
June 2018
Management 3.0
March 2018
SAFe Agilist
October 2016
Art and Mastery of Coaching (ACTP ICF)
June 2016
Electronic enginner
March 2012

My Certificates

Badge Kanban Management Professional
Badge Kanban Coaching Professional
Badge Professional Certified Coach

Let's get in touch!

Let's get in touch!