Need a fresh look at your entrenched habits?
Leave with new options to implement!

Your issues

Difficulties in

Team up

A lack of


An audit in one week* for a radical change

A unique approach to identify problems and propose lasting solutions​

Preliminary interview

To understand the context
Clarify the need
contract approach
1 hour
Day 1

Individual interviews

Identify recurring themes
Collect the different points of view
1 hour per person
Day 1 and 2

Collective interviews

Observe group dynamics in action
2 hours
Day 3

Summary report

Formalize observations, hypotheses and proposals
1 to 2 days
Day 3 and 4

Synthesis workshop

Expose the options
Co-build the action plan
2 hours
Day 5
Subject to the availability of the persons concerned.

Why work with me

A wealth of experiences

There diversity contexts encountered give me a vision varied enough to take into account your specificities and recognize quickly THE recurring patterns.

A structured synthetic mind

My work is intended simple going straight to the essential. No waste useless energy both for me and for you!

A variety of proposals

My experience allows me to offer different alternatives for the same problem. So it gives you a option panel in which to choose, with their advantages and disadvantages,

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