Develop your personal responsibility and that of others

Whether in agile teams or in our daily lives, we are often urged to be accountable. But what is responsibility?

Responsibility is our ability to respond to a situation. When everything is going well, it is often easy to act and assume the consequences of our actions, but it is when things do not go as planned (and unfortunately this often happens) that things get complicated. 

Anxiety takes over, doubt sets in and we enter into a confining process that prevents us from acting and solving our problem: this is called the Accountability process.

Despite the fact that we can well understand the interest of taking responsibility, we are never explained How does it work and how can we do to succeed.

This is the whole purpose of this training, to understand and develop personal responsibility and that of others, in order to achieve our goals more effectively.

What is the Accountability Process?

Here is an introduction to the Accountability Process that I presented to Agile Online :

The Accountability process is a sequence of mental states that are triggered in each of us in a way predictable.

He regulates our ability to take or avoid our responsibilities by highlighting the cause-and-effect connections we make in our heads when things bother us and helps us explore avenues for improvement.

This means that liability can be systematically observed, taught and practiced.

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Responsibility “I have what it takes to solve my problem.”
Leak "As long as I don't look, the problem doesn't exist."
Obligation "I have to do it but I don't feel like it."
Guilt "I'm really dumb."
Justification "We've always done it this way!"
Charge "It is your fault !"
"What problem ?" Denial

Program (callsign)

Each module has a duration of 4 hours.

Any act of leadership begins with oneself. 

Module 1

Discover the Responsibility Process and apply it to yourself

  • Discover the Accountability Process
  • Apply the Accountability Process
  • Practicing the 3 Keys of Responsibility for Personal Leadership

Unit 2

Lead and inspire others to take responsibility

Requires module 1 as a prerequisite!

  • 2 approaches to Responsibility: Responsibility ≠ Accountability
  • Teaching the Accountability Process
  • Raising responsibility in others
  • Intervene as a leader or coach

Your trainer

Agile Coach and Professional Coach, I accompany individuals, teams and organizations towards more adaptability and human sustainability, with the conviction that well-being and performance are intimately linked. My approach is progressive and human-centered in order to mobilize energies towards greater accountability and commitment.

Passionate about responsibility for several years, I train at the source with Christopher Avery in his coaching program entitled “The Leadership Gift” where I continue to deepen my practice of personal responsibility. I am hosting today conferences on this subject and incorporates it on a daily basis in both my personal and professional life.

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