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6 reasons to consider coaching

Stress management

Improve the productivity, health and well-being of employees by helping them to better manage daily challenges.

Conflict resolution

Improve the work environment and the productivity helping employees to communicate better and solve problems constructive way.

Career transition

Help employees plan their next career step and strengthen their commitment and their loyalty towards the company.

Leadership skills

Help senior managers and leaders develop essential skills for their success (communication, decision-making, etc.)

specific skills

Help employees to excel in their work, leading to improved quality of work and customer satisfaction.

Corporate culture

Improve team cohesion, effective communication, employee satisfaction and overall business performance.

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What is coaching ?

Coaching is the mirror that reveals your hidden talents and helps you bring them to light.

Coaching is a development process personal and professional that aims to help a person achieve their goals and maximize their potential. It relies on a trust between coach and client, in which the coach uses questioning and active listening techniques to help the client find their own solutions.

Coaching can cover a wide range of fields, including career, relationships, health and wellness, and can be used for both the development individual and for the development of teams and organizations.

A good coach sees what you can be rather than what you are today.

3 complementary offers

Individual coaching

To achieve your personal and professional goals

Change is a door that only opens from within.

Individual coaching is a personalized personal and professional development process aimed at helping a person achieve their goals and realize their potential. It is based on a relationship of trust between the coach and his client, and uses techniques and tools to help the person to discover one's own resources and to overcome the obstacles which prevent him from moving forward.

Individual coaching can be beneficial for people wishing improve their professional performance, personal growth or their overall quality of life.

Personal and professional development
Achieve professional and personal goals, develop potential, self-confidence and leadership capacity.

career development

Manage an evolution within your company, a change of position, or a retraining.

Management of emotions and interpersonal relationships

Better understand and manage their emotions, improve their interpersonal relationships, promote conflict resolution.

Group coaching

To improve the performance of your team

Everyone thinks about change, but no one thinks about changing.

Team coaching is a process that aims to improve the collective performance of a work group by working on its internal dynamics, his interactions and his communication. It is a personalized and tailor-made accompaniment which takes into account the objectives, the stakes and the specificities of each team.

Team coaching can help build team cohesion and effectiveness, improve decision-making, and develop their ability to adapt to change.


Improve the quality and fluidity of communication between team members, in order to foster cooperation and problem solving.

Cohesion and Collaboration

Strengthen cohesion and mutual support within the team, in order to achieve common objectives effectively.

Leadership and collective performance

Develop the potential of the team and its members, to achieve high collective performance.

organizational coaching

To grow your business

Change is the law of life. And those who only look at the past or the present are sure to miss the future.

Organizational coaching is a development process that aims to improve the overall performance of a company by working on its structure, processes and culture. It rests on a goal analysis, values and challenges of the organization, as well as on a collaboration with managers and employees to define improvement strategies.

Organizational coaching can include interventions such as training, strategic planning, process improvement, change management and conflict resolution.

Corporate culture

Developing the corporate culture, promoting a shared vision, common values and a culture of responsibility, trust and innovation.

Organizational performance

Improve the overall performance of the organization, by optimizing processes, resources and communication.

Talent management and skills development

Identify and develop talents and skills within the organization, to drive performance

It is better to act too quickly than to wait too long.

My Coaching Philosophy

I believe that human beings are inherently good but that sometimes he gets lost trying to navigate the world he is in.
Coaching helps to ask yourself, to take time for yourself to slow down and think, and decide what we really want.

As a coach, I want helping my clients find their way to happiness, enjoying both the glass half full and half empty. I want to create a space in which they can dream like children, act like adults and make sense of what is. I want to be the partner able toappease torment andopen the way of self-discovery.

My values are: Authenticity, Appreciation and Adaptability.

  • Authenticity, is to be myself in the relationship, vulnerable to my way of feeling, thinking and being. So, I want to be there to spark courageous and open conversations.
  • Appreciation, is about making sense of what is, valuing the positive and the negative, connecting patterns to uncover learning opportunities.
  • Adaptability, it's dancing in the moment, welcoming the complexity of situations and multiplying the lenses to look at them.

My goal is to create the spark allowing my clients to take ownership of their challenges with confidence and pleasure.

Dream big, start small, act now.

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